MPCT Learners

Over 1,500 of these young people are enrolled at any one time in the three organisations that comprise the MPCT. They join for a variety of reasons, not just to improve their chances of joining the Military. They come from a variety of backgrounds and many have left school with few or no qualifications. Some have physical and or medical problems that will preclude them from military service. Alternatively, they may simply want to improve their educational grades or physical fitness, without the tedium of regular college attendance.

The world is a tough place for a teenager who perhaps has not had the best of starts in life. The lack of positive role-models during their childhood may have contributed to this poor start and poverty has certainly had an impact for many. However, they all have one thing in common – their determination to succeed at something! They are all volunteers so there is no compulsion. Discipline problems are greatly reduced as a result.

By utilising a similar framework to the armed services, MPCT’s Values & Standards are reinforced by their ex-military instructors who are excellent role-models and can give advice on their development and career choices. To date, over 2,900 Learners have enlisted in the Military since the college has been operating and a further 9,000 have gone into further education, training or, more importantly, employment. Increasingly, organisations are actively targeting MPCT colleges to seek high calibre employees for a variety of positions. Three Learners have been enrolled in an apprenticeship scheme in South Wales.

As the number of Learners grows in line with the expansion of MPCT, there will undoubtedly be an increase in requests for welfare assistance from the MLT. Surprisingly the number of request are relatively low. I see this as a sign that Learners are taking control of their own lives and, with some help, are better able to make their way in this world of ours. Nonetheless, there is a need to sustain the level of Learner support that our charity can offer.
Educational trips to museums and overseas battlefield tours are just a few examples of the many ways we are able to develop these young people. Learning of the sacrifices made by others, so that they may thrive, is not only humbling but rewarding. All who take part in these activities benefit. Not only those who travel on the visits but those who receive interesting presentations back in the colleges, when they return.

Learners and MPCT staff are encouraged to raise funds for The Motivation & Learning Trust and they do this in many ways. They organise events such as bag-packing at local supermarkets, sponsored physical activities and unique one-off events such as carrying a fridge around the Isle of Wight and a 24 hour log relay up Wales’ third largest mountain to support World Mental Health day.

We are all Learners but in different ways. These young people, with the guidance, training and development that they receive at MPCT Colleges, will undoubtedly go on to achieve great things and be better citizens. The Motivation and Learning Trust – “Our Learners Charity”, will continue to provide support to these fine young people. Their support and fundraising efforts are greatly appreciated.