Today, we turn our MLT spotlight on Brian Edwards, MPCT Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

A veteran of 10 years’ service with the Royal Regiment of Wales (now re-named The Royal Welsh), Brian served on military operations in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo and served in many other theatres throughout the world. During his service he was selected to play rugby at the highest levels. He played for the Army and Combined Service’s team (while only 20) and whilst attached to MPCT as a Military Co-ordinator, went on to play semi-professionally for Caerphilly.
Coming into contact with the Learners during this period gave Brian the impetus to make a career in education and on leaving the Army he joined MPCT in 2004. This was initially for 2 years before leaving to return to university to study for a Masters Degree. He re-joined MPCT as Quality Director in 2009 and was appointed Senior Director in 2014. Confirmed as Deputy Chief Executive Officer for the organisation in 2019, he has made outstanding advancements in gaining recognition for MPCT Staff and Learners from education based professional organisations such as Ofsted, Estyn, Times Educational Supplement and other awarding bodies.
Brian has been an outstanding advocate of the MLT Charity throughout its existence and has been instrumental in weaving the aims and charter of the MLT into the MPCT Learner Journey. Not only has he been fully supportive of our events but ensured that the Learners consider the MLT as being “Their Charity.”
Still maintaining a high level of fitness from his rugby days, Brian has raised a huge amount of funds for the MLT. Of particular note is the sum of over £11,000 raised together with MPCT CEO Huw Lewis, whilst taking part in the Marathon Des Sables in the Sahara. This event in 2017, considered by many to be the world’s toughest footrace, was completed successfully and he enjoyed it so much, he registered for it again in 2020. Unfortunately this was delayed due to COVID but hopefully will take place in 2021. Again he will raise funds for the MLT!
Other MLT Fundraising events that Brian has participated in are The Black Mountain Cycle Event, Battle to Battle (Hastings to Arnhem) cycle ride and many others. He regularly financially supports other MPCT Learners and staff who are undertaking fundraising for our charity. Fully deserving of his place in the Fundraiser’s Spotlight – take a bow Brian Edwards.

We are shining the light on the next entrant to our MLT ‘Hall of fame’ Adam Priddle, Centre Manager MPS Pembrokeshire.

A veteran of 10 years’ service with The 1st Queen’s Dragoon Guards (The Welsh Cavalry), Adam served in a variety of roles and on Operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Always interested in Adventurous Training, Adam gained water sports qualifications while serving in Germany. Using The Mohnesee Sail Training Centre (famous for the dam of that name, breached in the Dambuster’s Raid in WW2.) he was focussed on building a broad base of qualifications for a career on leaving the Army. Adding the Single-handed Army Dinghy Sailing Champion to his growing portfolio, Adam also competed in Nordic Skiing and football events. On leaving the Army, Adam was employed in Outdoor Education, initially at Chichester and then moving to Wales after a few years.

Joining MPCT in 2019, Adam is the Centre Manager of The Military Preparation School in Pembrokeshire. Based in Pembrokeshire College, Haverfordwest and a smaller site at Ysgol Harri Tudur in Pembroke, the college is the largest MPS location with over 120 attendees. They include children between the ages of 14-16 from schools across Pembrokeshire. At the recent MPCT Senior Leadership Team Awards Ceremony Adam was awarded “Most Positive Impact” for his efforts at the centre.

A relative newcomer to MPCT and the MLT, Adam has seen the value of the charity’s aims and charter in providing support to all MPCT Learners, including those at his college in Pembrokeshire. Carrying on from his previous charity fundraising efforts, he has embarked on a very ambitious challenge with funds raised to be split equally between the MLT and his other chosen charity “Friends of Portfield School.”

“25 press-ups a day for 365 days” is Adam’s current fundraising event which he started on August 1st 2020. He is now over 5 months into his challenge and has already exceeded his target of £500 and currently has gained £713 in sponsorship. This continues to grow and you can help Adam by googling “Adam Priddle Just Giving” where you can make a donation. I am looking forward to joining him for a “quick 25” when restrictions are lifted!

Fundraising for our charity has been very difficult during the COVID lockdown period but we have still provided support to our Learners during some very difficult times. Adam’s efforts are greatly appreciated and he richly deserves his time in the spotlight – Thank you Adam.

Everybody at MLT would like to congratulate our Patron, Lieutenant General Sir Tyrone Urch KBE, who has been awarded a knighthood in the Queen’s New Year Honours list 2021 in recognition of his role as Standing Joint Commander in which he led the military’s contribution to the UK’s fight against COVID-19.

Over 300 Army personnel are recognised in 2021’s New Year Honours list. Amongst them are the General who led the military’s response to COVID-19 in the UK, a former hostage turned mental health champion, the founder of the Defence Rastafari Network, and one of the Army’s most inspirational female soldiers.

Huw Lewis MBE, CEO of MPCT said “Many congratulations to Lieutenant General Sir Tyrone Urch KBE on receiving this prestigious honour. We are delighted and very proud to have you as a Patron at the Motivation and Learning Trust.”


We are delighted to announce that Stacey Hudd, has kindly agreed to become a Trustee at MLT.
The Trustee who joined us most recently, Stacey joined MPCT in 2011 as an Administrator and eventually progressing to HR Manager, working directly with the young people that the Motivation and Learning Trust supports.

Stacey adds

I have supported many Motivation & Learning Trust events in the past and I am very much looking forward to contributing and offering many more life changing opportunities to young people that will help and support them to achieve and succeed.

Twin sisters Tilly and Rosie from Liverpool enrolled at MPCT in August, with the hope of pursuing careers in the army. We caught up with them the other day to get an insight into their journey to date.

Growing up, the girls were completely different, with Tilly wanting to go into the army and Rosie set on being a doctor. Up until 6 years old, Tilly suffered from speech difficulties meaning that no one could understand her, other than Rosie. Diagnosed with slight dyspraxia, her education was delayed but this didn’t stop her. She constantly worked to better herself, achieving amazing exam results, even after being told by teachers that she wouldn’t pass any of them. Tilly’s passion for joining the local army cadets at 15 caught Rosie’s attention, who, after watching Harrogate New Recruits, also became gripped with the idea. Even without a great deal of money, their mum Alison was determined to get them enrolled and managed to find financial support for uniforms and other extras. However, tragedy struck the family when she became ill, the girls constantly worrying about her health. They continued in cadets though, getting stuck in and keeping busy. Alison entered remission in August 2019, just as the girls were looking into applying for the army. When COVID-19 put their ambitions on hold, they decided to join MPCT with the hope of gaining some valuable training and extra skills.

The day after their 16th birthday Tilly and Rosie started on their journey at the Liverpool-based college. After speaking with MPCT staff and The Motivation & Learning Trust, they were given laptops to assist with their studies, set up with a bursary scheme and received funds for kit and uniform. Explaining that she was never able to give the girls the things that other kids their age had, Alison expressed her gratitude for the MLT and everything they’ve done for them to date. As for the course, Rosie and Tilly are loving every second, recounting how “fun and interactive the PT is” and how “the staff play motivational army videos before each class to push them to be the best they can be”. They described how valuable it’s already been for them, giving them an insight into what life will be like in the military. After all of the challenges they’ve faced, the girls are ecstatic to see their life-long dreams and aspirations finally beginning to unfold – being excited for what’s to come.

The Motivation & Learning Trust enhances the opportunities of young people who are or have been students of MPCT. They provide physical resources as well as travel and educational support, in turn developing skills, increasing participation within society and enhancing employability.