MPS Instructor launches new charity event for the MLT

We would like to share a details of a forthcoming charity event that Military Preparation School Instructor,  Adam Priddle and his friend Brian Millard are launching.

On behalf of Motivation & Learning Trust and The Friends of Portfield the 2 have teamed up to create an exciting new fundraiser. The event, organised by both Adam and Brian , both of Letterston, Pembrokeshire, will commence on the 1st August 2020. ‘We are looking at raising funds for two organisations, the first being The Friends of Portfield and the second being The Motivation & Learning Trust. The event will be activity based and involve 25 press ups per day for 365 days.

A little about Adam and Brian:

My name is Adam Priddle and I work for Motivational Preparation College for training (MPCT). Within the company there are many provisions- I work for Military Preparation Schools, based at Pembrokeshire College, which is vocational qualifications aimed at pre-sixteen year old’s with a Military structure. One of the other outlets of the company is the Motivation & Learning Trust (MLT). The reason for this charity event, for me, is to bring the local community together and also raise funds to support young people from any walk of life and any ability.

My Name is Brian Millard and I work for Portfield School as an LSA. I created a charity event last year which went very well (Walk to work week). I also, like Adam, took part in the 25 day push up challenge to raise awareness for mental health and this gave us the idea to increase that to bigger scale. We wanted to create a challenge that would reach out to everyone. I am hoping to raise funds for outdoor educational play equipment for pupils with learning needs.

If you’re keen to get involved in any way, whether that is physically or by way of a donation or sponsorship, please find the link to our event on this page ‘Push ups for Portfield in Partnership with Motivation & Learning Trust.

Thank you.

Just Giving Link 25 press ups per day for 365 days.